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Rules of the Competition

  1. Ripon Young Musicians of the Year is open to young musicians who live within, or are at school within, or who have private music lessons within 15 miles of the centre of Ripon (the Market Square obelisk).
  2. Entries must be made on an official entry form; these may be downloaded from the website or photocopied.
  3. Entry fees, along with duplicate copies of music for the adjudicator, must be sent with entry forms to RYMY together with a stamped and self-addressed envelope. Cheques should be made payable to ‘Ripon Young Musicians of the Year’ Fees are not returnable. No entry will be confirmed until the required copy of the music is provided.
  4. The closing date for entries is FRIDAY 15th OCTOBER 2021. No entries will be accepted after the closing date.
  5. Performers may enter only one section in each class and play only one instrument in each section, unless they are entering Class 4 - ‘Two skills’. Performers may enter a maximum of two solo classes, playing different instruments in each class. They may also enter the ensemble class. They may play in as many ensembles as they wish.
  6. All children under the age of 16 at this event must be with a parent, their teacher or another adult nominated by their parents/guardians who will be responsible for them at all times.
  7. Performers are free to choose their own piece.
  8. Performers may play only one piece, which must be within the strict time limit, on each instrument. Performers will be penalised if they overrun.
  9. Performers should provide their own accompanist - The competition organisers can suggest an accompanist but arrangements must be made by the performer before the entry is submitted. Entries will not be accepted unless an accompanist is named.
  10. Backing tracks, electronic and amplified instruments and other electrical equipment are not permitted.
  11. Ensembles can comprise any instrument or voice from two to ten performers, provided that all performers fulfil the school years criteria. Unison performances are not allowed, but some doubling of parts is permitted. No adult accompaniment is allowed.
  12. Singers are expected to perform from memory, unless they are singing an excerpt from an oratorio.
  13. Instrumentalists may perform from memory or from a standard published copy of music or from a manuscript of their own composition. Performance (including accompanying) from a photocopy is forbidden.
  14. At the time they submit their entry, each performer must provide for the adjudicator a copy of their music, clearly marked with their name and the class they are entering. The Music Publishers' Association's revised Code of Practice states that a photocopy is allowed for this purpose only if the piece is part of a volume and is not published separately. It is the responsibility of the performer(s) to abide by this code of practice. Any photocopies must be made up in book form (no loose pages and no plastic folders). They will be retained and destroyed immediately after the competition.
  15. Video and sound recording and flash photography are forbidden during the performances and adjudications.
  16. Performers and members of the audience are responsible for their own safety and for the security of their belongings while on St John's Church.
  17. If it is the adjudicator's opinion that the standard of a particular class is too low, he may decide not to award a prize.
  18. Winners of each section will be required to perform in the evening concert in St John's Church after the competition on Saturday 6th November 2021, starting at 7.30 pm. They must ensure their accompanist is available for the concert. From the winners a number of competitors will be chosen to go forward to the ‘Rotary Young Musician’ District Final.
  19. Performers are entitled to keep their certificates and any medals they may be awarded.
  20. Winners' trophies must be returned by Friday 23rd September 2022. Winners are responsible for engraving their names on trophies.

The Winners of each section will be required to perform in an evening concert on the day of the competition, Saturday 6th November 2021, at St John's Church, starting at 7.30 pm.



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Ripon Young Musicians of the Year is sponsored by
Ripon and Ripon Rowels Rotary Clubs and the Inner Wheel Clubs of Ripon and Ripon Rowels